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The need for businesses to offer flexible working options for their teams has never been greater.
We are witnessing the coming of age of the Working from Home generation in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and the way in which organisations operate has fundamentally changed forever.

This, coupled with the growing popularity of TV streaming and online gaming, means the opportunity for fibre broadband, and its impact on society, is huge.

It's powerful. It's transformative. And it's something we at FibrePeople feel passionately about.

With many years of experience working with leaders across the industry and as in-house Talent Management at a reputable ISP, FibrePeople was established in June 2020 as a facilitator in this technological revolution to assist growing the fibre footprint across the UK.

FibrePeople takes great pride in the expansive network of incredible talent we've built, our knowledge of the fibre industry and our partnership approach to both clients and candidates.

Join us on our journey towards the incredible future of fibre today.

Emma Atkins, Founder

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Our values
We say as we do and we do as we say
Knowledge is power; empathy is key
We believe everything is possible
Make it an exceptional one
Women In Fibre Initiative (WIFI)
Working with exceptional women to help close the gender gap in the Fibre industry
"Emma is an absolute star and has a perfect blend of tenacity and humanity to make her an outstanding operator in the talent space. Emma knows her clients and their business priorities inside out and she prioritises putting the right people into the right roles. It was a pleasure working with Emma and I would recommend her without hesitation."
David Norris
HR Director
"Emma delivers a refreshing, no-nonsense approach to talent acquisition (aka recruitment)! During the time I worked with Emma, she always went over and above to understand my needs and the results were fantastic - a rarity these days. I strongly recommend Emma, she's an absolute star!"
Sunita Sharma
Head of Customer Services
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